Rapidly evolving business landscape, and users' exposure to disruptive technologies, there are growing expectations from IT to deliver tangible benefits without compromising on quality and compliance. However, meeting these expectations remains a challenge. Chief information offier) lack visibility into their support systems and operations due to the use of disparate tools for managing heterogeneous business functions. Knowledge retention, too, is challenging as multiple teams operate in silos: support services from external vendors, multiple delivery partners, and subcontractors. All these factors make it difficult for CIOs to demonstrate the business value of IT to their organizations as well as justify further investments. Today, every CIO is measured and appraised by his ability to meet the challenge of delivering value at reduced cost A key approach to unlocking value is reducing spend on service provisioning and operations.

V2SoftTech AWS is a cloud based IT service management solution that serves as an integrated platform for managing IT operations and services. Backed by predefined business process templates, it facilitates a responsive and compliant IT system, and helps drive process efficiency, agility, and comprehensive visibility.

V2ST Cloud Plus offers a centralized solution to effectively manage IT service delivery. It enables improved governance and process efficiency tracking through dashboards and insightful reports.

The offering's integrated framework, underpinned by predefined process templates, assists enterprises in making IT more responsive while ensuring quality compliance and adherence to industry best practices. The solution helps in knowledge retention and transition through digitized models, ensuring that efforts spent in stabilizing system support can be leveraged by new vendors and contractors..